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teacher leadership

Kim Worth

September 20, 2014

The Elevator Speech: Finding Possibilities In 13 minutes


If you only had the time it takes to ride an elevator from the first floor to the twelfth, could you describe your ideal school before the door opened and closed on the twelfth floor.  Preparing to talk to a potential partner in my quest to open my own school, I needed to do just that, metaphorically.  Elevator door opens, and.....

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Paul Barnwell

September 16, 2014

Is Teacher Learning an Overlooked Component of PLCs?


Following up on Bill Ferriter's post on supporting Professional Learning Communities, I offer up a challenge for teachers and administrators to ask themselves five questions about how embedded collaborative time for teachers is utilized in schools. Doing our jobs well is so intellectually demanding, yet I often find myself engaging in valuable collaboration and learning outside of school hours. How about you?

Should PLC structures encourage not only student learning, but teacher curiosity and intellectual growth as well?

This post originally appeared on SmartBlog on Education, and it was also shared via ASCD Smartbrief on Monday, September 15th.

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Deidra Gammill

September 16, 2014

The 3 P's


The 3 R's continue to be a staple in education, but I think it’s time to update and add the 3 P's – positive, proactive, & professional. Will we change the mind of every naysayer and fear monger? It’s doubtful. But we can change our own mindset and how we respond to the negative press and ridiculous allegations.

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Justin Minkel

September 12, 2014

The Teacher Movie That Doesn't Exist


Remember that movie about the team of teachers who worked together to create an incredible school? Me neither.

From Dead Poets Society to Freedom Writers, there is only room in the script for a single hero. These valiant individuals strive nobly against the corrupt, craven, cumbersome system. That system has to be a dystopia for the formula to work.

These valiant heroes don’t let the system change them. The problem is, they don’t change the system, either.

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Sandy Merz

September 8, 2014

Is Pay an Intrinsic or Extrinsic Reward?


I do wonder what input readers would offer to the topic. What motivates you - in the most general terms? What distinctions do you make between internal and external rewards? How actively do you pursue rewards for their own sake? How does pay figure into your calculations? And how does flow?

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