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teacher leadership

Lauren Hill

January 2, 2015

How Principals Can Avoid "Administrator-itis"


My friend and colleague Scott Diamond was once a cancer research scientist. Picture all the wacky stereotypes you have about scientists and you’ll have a good idea of what Scott’s like: creative, eccentric, sharp-witted, full of nerdy charm.

Scott likes to tell stories about the lab he used to run at the University of Kentucky. He had multiple technicians and graduate students who would test his big ideas and report the details. Scott became accustomed to giving directions and waiting impatiently for the results.

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John Holland

January 1, 2015

What was the biggest change in your teaching between your first and second year?


Recently I was asked this question, "What was the biggest change you made between your first and second year?" As I reflected on this I remembered how I struggled my first year. Although I was better off than some, due to several years experience as a substitute and an excellent teacher prep program at VCU, I faced difficulties.

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