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teacher leadership

Paul Barnwell

November 20, 2014

A day in the life of a teacherpreneur


When you take the complexity of teaching students--even if it’s only for a half day--and add it to navigating the world of policy, politics, adult learning, and new levels or organizational challenges, you’ve got a recipe for a VERY unique job. The variety of the day-to-day “to-do” list is dynamic, sometimes daunting, and never boring in the life of a teacherpreneur.

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William  Tolley

November 16, 2014

Walking Together: Veterans Day Reflections


It has taken 25 years for me to learn, see and understand the lessons that being a veteran has to offer the teacher...I believe any soldier, when you ask him to think about it, will say that—among the weapons, tactics and parachute training—the key lessons learned stemmed not from the weapons, tactics and parachute training, but from learning how to trust and learn from others.

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Cheryl Redfield

November 11, 2014

A Phoenix Rises in Arizona


Teacher advocacy is not without its heart aches. But for those who persevere, what doesn't kill your career can transform you into a activist who rises like a phoenix. Read Katie's story and find out how she used the lowest point in her teaching career to jumpstart a new brand of teacher leadership!

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Deidra Gammill

November 10, 2014

Leadership is a Choice


As Americans, we tend to have a romanticized view of leadership in general. Our leaders are those at the forefront of the fray, the ones who are recognized, who have followers, right? They are the ones on the nightly news, the covers of biopics, and the go-to people when expertise is needed. Leaders are handpicked for their accomplishments. Isn’t that what being a leader is really all about? Being picked because you stand heads and shoulders above the rest?

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John Holland

November 7, 2014

7 Ways edTPA Can Transform the Teaching Profession


Imagine an orchestra warming up for a performance. Every musician has a job, a specialty: tuba, timpani, and violin. The conductor taps his wand, and the orchestra starts.

But somewhere, in the brass section, there is a failure. The third trumpet is out of key, and the fourth trumpet starts playing music from the wrong page. The music falls apart.

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Kim Worth

November 1, 2014

Building a PLC for Possibilities: The Four Tenets of Trust


Can a group of dynamic, ambitious, driven educators build a Professional Learning Community dedicated to a culture of trust?  Is it a simple application of Occam's Razor? I believe it can be done and must be done for the sake of the children, staff, parents, and the world. 

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