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teacher leadership

Brad Clark

July 26, 2014

The Value of Facetime


What happens when you jam 16 teacher leaders from across the United States into a common space with endless supplies of coffee, crafting supplies, and entirely too much Cheerwine?  

The answer: you do not end where you began.

I’ve attended a number of events with other teacher leaders. Each time I’ve left with a renewed spirit and at least one new pursuit that I had not considered when I arrived. That’s what happens when intellectual capital pools in one location for any length of time.

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Paul Barnwell

July 25, 2014

Administrators and Principals: Check Out Our "Treehouse"


Sometimes, it feels as if we teacher leaders are operating in a secret treehouse in the woods of our childhoods, with friends trading insights and baseball cards, generally scheming up ways to make our corners of the world a more meaningful place. Let's invite administrators into the treehouse to share our insights. Let's also climb on down and be deliberate about learning more about how the goals of administrators and teacher leaders can mesh more effectively.

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