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Peer Evaluation Resources

Title Date Author Type
Peer Evaluation Process - Mathematics and Science Leadership Academy 05/27/2014 School Redesign
Peer-to-Peer Teacher Evaluation Rubric from a Teacher-Powered School 05/22/2014 School Redesign
Mathematics and Science Leadership Academy - Memorandum of Understanding, Waivers, and Teacher Acknowledgment 05/21/2014 Lori Nazareno
Crucial Conversations: Tools for Talking When the Stakes are High 05/19/2014 School Redesign
Cognitive Coaching: A Foundation for Renaissance Schools 05/19/2014 School Redesign
Great Teachers Ensuring Great Teaching: Teacher Leadership and Teacher-Led Schools 04/30/2014 School Redesign Link
"Trusting Teachers" excerpt: How evaluation works at EdVisions Off Campus, A Teacher-Powered School 04/13/2014 School Redesign
Teacher-powered teams describe and discuss their chosen approaches to tenure and evaluation 04/13/2014 School Redesign
Teachers in Partnership Website 03/31/2014 School Redesign
Can We Trust Teachers to Successfully Manage Whole Schools? 03/30/2014 School Redesign