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Renee Moore

November 16, 2013

Take Your Personal PD Global


Increasingly, educators are taking charge of our own professional development (PD) rather than waiting on our employers to provide what someone else thinks we need to know to improve teaching and learning. Many of us are using personal learning networks (PLNs) such as the one here in the Collaboratory, or a thoughtfully cultivated Twitter feed to stimulate our thinking and access useful information.

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Renee Moore

October 6, 2013

Taking Charge of Our Own PD


One of my favorite professional development (PD) opportunities of the year is coming up, appropriately, during Connected Educator Month. The K12 Online Conference is an annual, virtual event organized by and for teachers. It’s a free and convenient way to get relevant, innovative, classroom-proven ideas from teachers around the U.S.

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Renee Moore

September 30, 2013

National Board Begins Countdown to Change


Count this as a news flash:

The National Board of Professional Teaching Standards (NBPTS) is going through a necessary (and some would argue, overdue) period of transformation. By 2017, NBPTS will complete a major revision of the process making it more affordable, more accessible, and more efficient.

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Renee Moore

September 15, 2013

Can We Test Better?


Editor Fawn Johnson, at the National Education Insiders blog has given us another set of great questions to debate this week, and as usual,  I want to share the questions and my response with the readers of TeachMoore.

The topic is the debate around testing that will accompany the Common Core Standards in states across the country. Johnson’s specific questions included:

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Renee Moore

September 9, 2013

Learning from Our Elders--About Using Social Media



                I chuckle when I see yet another tweet or blog comment disparaging veteran teachers as technophobes resisting the use of social media in the classroom. What would these stereotypical thinkers make of the grand dame of educational use of social media: Dixie Goswami?

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Renee Moore

September 3, 2013

How NOT to Rate a College

This piece is cross-posted at National Education Insiders page in response to the following question from editor Fawn Johnson: What would we learn if a public dataset existed for all colleges in the United States that showed tuition costs and graduates’ average starting salaries by major? Is it fair to rank colleges using such data? Is there a better way to gauge the value of college?

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