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Renee Moore

June 30, 2014

Read This: The Other Common Core Debate


As states and school districts struggle over whether and how to implement Common Core Standards that will ostensibly produce students who are college-ready, has anybody bothered to ask the colleges whether these standards do that? If they can't because they don't align with the actual requirements of the college courses, then why is there such an urgency to use them? If they can, will colleges and universities actually be ready to receive and further enhance these students? Will they even need the traditional introductory college courses?

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Renee Moore

June 6, 2014

Getting More High Quality Teachers Into High Needs Schools


In October 2009, I was invited to D.C. to speak to a room full of staff people working for members of Congress and a few other Federal agencies at the Library of Congress. These were people interested (or assigned) to education issues. The invitation came from the Forum on Education and Democracy, and the event was led by Sam Chaltain.

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Renee Moore

May 26, 2014

A Memorial Day Lesson

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My father, a sergeant in the Army, often talked of how he returned from two tours of duty in Korea only to be told by Bell Telephone in Michigan that they weren’t hiring colored people.

Daddy was very proud of his service and loved this country. He raised and lowered the American flag on his front porch every day until his death. But when he talked about his time in the Army, the two events that stayed with him, were how he was treated when he came home, and the racism he endured while training in Georgia.

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