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Musings of a Red Headed Teacher

Megan Allen

September 11, 2015

Part 2: Back to school in 5-7-5

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And here is part two! Despite sweltering heat and long professional development sessions, hope lives in our schools!

Six days of P.D.

Blood-born pathogens. Too much.

Finally students here! (Karen Tritt, KS)


Believe and inspire 

Hope unabated abounds 

In them, the future. (Dave Bosso, CT)


Ninety-one degrees

sweltering hot and smelly

Really hard to learn. (Jae Goodwin, MA)


Retire, not yet!

Guidance and love to give-still,

Whatever it takes. (Adrianne Teal, FL)

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Megan Allen

September 10, 2015

Part 1: Back to school in 5-7-5

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Confession time: I wasn’t always attentive at faculty meetings (gasp!). I used to sit in the back of faculty meetings on Tuesday afternoons, mind swirling with a thousand things for my to-do list, trying to pay attention, but not always the best at doing so.  And sometimes, I would participate in a team-bonding activity in the back of the media center of Burney Elementary School in Plant City, Florida. A nerdy team-bonding activity. What were we doing?

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Megan Allen

August 3, 2015

Is the class system thriving in public education?

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TSA PreCheck versus general security screening. Priority boarding versus general boarding. First class versus the holding tank of the main cabin. Our world is organized into the “have’s” and “have not’s,” with the class system most certainly alive and well.  Let’s look at two of the places where it sticks its ugly nose: our schools and airports.     

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Megan Allen

June 9, 2015

Teacher leader perceptions on leadership


Lately I’ve been thinking deeply about some questions around the Teacher Leader Model Standards: Which domains do teachers feel they are “living in?” Which ones do they feel the weakest in? And which domains are our public education systems utilizing and underutilizing? So I did a little on-the-fly informal research using social media. Over 100 teachers responded, giving some great insight into a small sample.


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Megan Allen

April 13, 2015

Guest blog: Atlanta Educators' Prosecution is Legal but Unjust


I have been following, quietly, the prosecution (persecution?) of the Atlanta educators in the testing scandal. To find out more about the legal perspective, I asked my childhood friend Joseph Allen to guest blog. Joseph is a successful attorney, and (from what I remember from high school), one of the most intelligent people I know. Below are his comments. My heart and thoughts go out to the Atlanta educators, students, and families. I do not condone their actions, but by no means do I feel that they are receiving fair treatment. 


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Megan Allen

March 14, 2015

Why we should be cautious about being TOO good as teachers (SATIRE!)

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Confession: I've always had a dream of writing for The Onion. The sass, the wittiness, the speaks to me. Thanks to the Future Educators' Association (soon the be Educators Rising) and Go Teach magazine, I had the amazing opportunity to write my first satire piece, wrapping in some right-to-work jabs, commentary on shrinking education budgets, and the incorrect but seemingly growing assumption that teachers are cogs that can be replicated and/or replaced by technology. 

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