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Musings of a Red Headed Teacher

Megan Allen

June 9, 2015

Teacher leader perceptions on leadership


Lately I’ve been thinking deeply about some questions around the Teacher Leader Model Standards: Which domains do teachers feel they are “living in?” Which ones do they feel the weakest in? And which domains are our public education systems utilizing and underutilizing? So I did a little on-the-fly informal research using social media. Over 100 teachers responded, giving some great insight into a small sample.


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Megan Allen

April 13, 2015

Guest blog: Atlanta Educators' Prosecution is Legal but Unjust


I have been following, quietly, the prosecution (persecution?) of the Atlanta educators in the testing scandal. To find out more about the legal perspective, I asked my childhood friend Joseph Allen to guest blog. Joseph is a successful attorney, and (from what I remember from high school), one of the most intelligent people I know. Below are his comments. My heart and thoughts go out to the Atlanta educators, students, and families. I do not condone their actions, but by no means do I feel that they are receiving fair treatment. 


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Megan Allen

March 14, 2015

Why we should be cautious about being TOO good as teachers (SATIRE!)

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Confession: I've always had a dream of writing for The Onion. The sass, the wittiness, the speaks to me. Thanks to the Future Educators' Association (soon the be Educators Rising) and Go Teach magazine, I had the amazing opportunity to write my first satire piece, wrapping in some right-to-work jabs, commentary on shrinking education budgets, and the incorrect but seemingly growing assumption that teachers are cogs that can be replicated and/or replaced by technology. 

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