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In a Teacher's Shoes

Jessica Cuthbertson

April 15, 2014

Apples & Oranges: Why This Year's State Test Was a Waste of Students' Time


Last week a group of CTQ-Colorado teachers attended and offered comments at the State Board of Education meeting. The following post is a written version of my remarks. While the board passed a symbolic resolution (in a 4-3 partyline vote) to withdraw from PARCC, one state board member boldy and publicly supported the standards and advocated for the aligned system our students deserve. If we must insist on a standardized test, I want the best one for my students. Core advocates (and skeptics!) -- I hope you'll park your thoughts on PARCC (& Smarter Balanced) here. 

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Jessica Cuthbertson

March 31, 2014

Read the Book First! (Why Every ELA Teacher Should Read THIS Book)


Spring Break: a perfect time to dive headfirst into a great professional read. If you have travel plans (or if you plan to stay in the comfort of your own home) check out Whole Novels for the Whole Class: A Student-Centered Approach by CTQ Collaboratory blogger and teacher leader Ariel Sacks. Her approach is guaranteed to invigorate your teaching practice and delight your students. 

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Jessica Cuthbertson

March 26, 2014

A Recipe for Home Visits: 1 Afternoon, 2 Neighborhoods, 4 Families & Frijoles


Do you know where your students live, work, and play? Do you understand the communities your school serves? How have home visits supported your relationships with families and impacted your instructional practice? 

This is what I learned when I left my classroom for one afternoon to spend time in two different neighborhoods, visit four families, and eat lots of frijoles. 

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Jessica Cuthbertson

February 20, 2014

So You Want to Be a Teacherpreneur?


Have you ever dreamed of teaching and ___________ simultaneously? Is a hybrid role for you?  Do you crave release time to complete a meaningful project that you've been planning in your head for years? 

You may be a budding teacherpreneur if you find yourself affirmatively nodding to the following seven signs: 

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Jessica Cuthbertson

October 29, 2013

Stand Tall & Speak Up: 5 Tips for Addressing Your State Board of Ed.


We are trusted.

In a recent Phi Delta Kappan/Gallup Poll of the Public’s Attitude Toward the Public Schools, over 72% of respondents reported having confidence and trust in public school teachers and principals.

It is up to us to leverage this trust, whether blind or well informed, for the greater good. We must stand tall and speak up. We must see ourselves as professionals and experts in our field. We must share our stories from the classroom.

If we don’t, who will?

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