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After the Bell

Dave Orphal

September 29, 2014

Let the Countdown Begin


Imagine, if you will, professional development designed to build the capacity of teacher leaders?  Imagine, PD driven not by someone else's agenda, but rather organized about teachers' own ideas for school imporvement?  Imagine actually being excited about PD for an entire year and having a ready-made network of like-minded professionals poised to support your efforts?

If you can, then you might be thinking about the Teacher Leadership Initative.

Read on...  This is NOT the Twilight Zone...

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Dave Orphal

August 31, 2014



I have traded my Skyline red and black for Northwood green and gold.  I'm no longer a Titan, but now a Charger.  I have traded the Pacific for the Atlantic.  I have traded my sunny California skies forone of Carolina blue.

In short, I’ve moved.

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Dave Orphal

July 27, 2014

Evaluating Teachers Part 2: My Worst Year


Michelangelo had his worst sculpture.  Pavarotti had a performance in which he missed so many notes, he didn’t return to the stage for the second act.  Ted Williams had a season where he didn’t come close to his typically above .300 batting average.  Over the course of a career, even the greatest had sub-par performances.  Why should we expect more, perfection even, from the rest of us mere mortals?

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Dave Orphal

July 11, 2014

Evaluating Teachers Part I: Getting Rid of a Bad Teacher


My friend is being fired from her teaching job.

As sad and sympathetic as I am for my friend, I cannot say that I am surprised.  I’ve known this teacher for several years, and I’ve seen the burn-out coming for the entire time of our friendship.

This teacher has been using language like “those kids” and “the kids” for a long time.  Listening to her refer to students like this, as opposed to talking about “my kids,” is a red flag for me.  I know that when I stop referring to my students as mine, then I’m flirting with burn-out and with phoning in my job performance. 

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Dave Orphal

June 21, 2014

Meet The Authors


 Co-written with Ms. Wendi Pillars

“Oh, my God!  Mr. Orphal!  They are so f*#@ing cute!”

I glared at Ashley, horror and shock on my face.  Was she far enough away from the computer we were using to Skype with the 3rd graders?  Did they hear her?

To her credit, Allison was just as horrified at her slip.  Both her hands leapt to her mouth, her eyes growing wide.  “I’m so sorry, Mr. Orphal,” she whispered.  “It just slipped out.”

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