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If They Build It, Will You Come?


Would you come to this museum? What would you contribute to the design? What could we name it?


Disease, Meet Antidote


Over-testing is more than a burden. It’s a disease, and its symptoms have infected the school day itself. Here’s an antidote to one of those symptoms: the fragmentation of content into way too many pieces. Teachers, I’d love to hear your own prescriptions for the testing malady. 


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What professional peaks do you hope to summit this year?

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Tori Mazur

January 24, 2015

Staying In Touch

"They have been out of the classroom too long."

"They are out of touch with how it really is."
"They should spend a day in my room and then try to tell me how to do my job."

Sound familiar?  I fear I will become one of them, but communication has always been key for quality relationships and it's what I hope will keep me "safe". 

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Julie Hiltz

January 23, 2015

TWO WORDS! Specific Feedback


I used to write the words a lot, a lot. I mean, like all the time. When I was in high school, I’m fairly certain I had some kind of aversion to the thesaurus. In addition to committing the crime of boring writing, I wrote the words a lot as one word- “alot”. And I did it every time, all the way through high school.

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