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How I am learning to give up control and trust my students


This summer I was in the AVID Summer Institute and I raved on this blog about the awesomeness that is Socratic Seminar.

Well, our first week back to school isn’t yet done, and my Modern American History classes have each already done their first.

In this post, I’m going to share how I am learning to give up control and trust my students.


What does the 2015 PDK/Gallup Poll tell us about teacher leadership?


Findings from the recently released 47th Annual PDK/Gallup Poll suggest that the public strongly trusts teachers to make their own judgments. So why do policymakers continue to tamp down opportunities for teachers to lead in bold ways?


Raising Our Expectations: National Board Standards


Just as there is an important distinction between being someone with an accounting degree and being a Certified Public Accountant, there are critical differences between someone who has been given a state license to supervise a classroom, and a teacher who has demonstrated highly accomplished practice in a specific area.

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Marcia Powell

August 29, 2015

Unintended Consequences of Short Line Thinking

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Many of us know the commercials where someone drinks something, then smacks his or her head, and says,  "I should have had a V8."  The point, of course, is that conscious choices are better than unconscious habit (short-term or short-line thinking)  Can we keep that in mind this school year?

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