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21st Century Skills: Danger and Free-range Schooling


Is it inherently unsafe to be a creative, critical thinker?  Are Tony Wagner's seven survival skills risky? Is safety ruining our schools?


High Stakes Litmus Test


It’s nearly impossible these days to have a conversation with someone about public schools that doesn’t involve testing. At some point it’s highly likely that the symbol for “education” will shift from a flame or an apple to a Scantron sheet. 


Two Reasons to Teach Like Everyone's Listening


A wise teacher knows that everything she says in her class room is not merely communication between a student and a teacher, but between a teacher and a student and his parents and the community and the administration and the policy makers and maybe even the Internet.  

Latest Blog Posts

Brianna Crowley

February 25, 2015

Grading: A Duct-Taped System In Need of an Overhaul?


This post is the first in a series of reflections on our current grading system where I try to tackle these questions: Is the current system fair and relevant? What is the relationship between grading and learning? What alternatives to the 100 point system do educators have? Throughout the series, you will hear from other classroom teachers, my current students, and researchers who have delved into these questions with a scientific lens. In the final post, I will share what I plan to do in my own classroom as a result of these conversations and reflections.

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Lori Nazareno

February 24, 2015

How to Avoid Colorblindness All Year Long


Guest blogger Jennifer Henderson shares: I don’t have any lessons for Black History Month. I don’t have any articles, videos, or coloring sheets. There’s just something about focusing on racial equality, social justice, or the color of my students’ skin for only one month a year that always seems a little... well, racist.  

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