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What I Recently Learned From Goldilocks and The Three Bears


Teacher leaders can find renewed hope in the old tale, Goldilocks and the Three Bears.


What Fresh Hell is This?

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From a reluctant connected educator:

I collected 45s when I was a kid – not the handguns, but 45 rpm records that came with a single song embedded in the grooves. For 99¢, I could own forever my favorites like “Saturday Night” by the Bay City Rollers or ELO’s “Evil Woman”.


Shanghai Surprise


The best teachers I know share two qualities: humility and curiosity. They worry less about looking good than becoming better. I saw these same qualities in the educators I met a few weeks ago in Shanghai. Despite their top PISA rankings, these teachers see plenty of value in what American teachers have to offer. I wish we took more time in this country to figure out what they can offer us.

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Justin Minkel

October 23, 2014

The Data Dagger: Why Policymakers Need Student Stories


Test scores are a means to an end. For many power players in education, test scores have become the end in themselves, with devastating results.

Part of our job as teachers is to remind policymakers that children are far more than the sum of their data.

*Note: Photo of Indian punch dagger from the collection of the Asian Art Museum in San Francisco was taken by Marshall Astor.


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Renee Moore

October 22, 2014

Read These: The Battles We Need to Fight


The teaching profession is embattled on many fronts; fighting with our students shouldn't have to be one of them. Jose Vilson's important take on that point, When Teachers and Students Fight is something everyone should read and consider. He notes:

We still have school environments that, despite some adults’ best efforts, feel unsafe, hostile, dangerous. The solution, as far as I can tell, isn’t more police officers or security.

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Bill Ferriter

October 21, 2014

Canva Makes Your iPads Even MORE Useful


One of my biggest beefs with schools that spend thousands of dollars pushing iPads into classrooms has been the fact that the iPad has never REALLY been a great creation tool.  Instead, iPads often end up doing nothing more than reinforcing the kinds of passive consumption behaviors -- watching videos, reading text, searching the Web -- that I think we ought to be pushing OUT of our classrooms.

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Tori Mazur

October 15, 2014

If the Shoe Fits


As a new addition to an established staff and faculty, I am forging connections in my physical workspace at the same time that my digital network is widening.  

Being a Connected Educator, for me, means I must plug in to an existing network of relationships in my building and community.  This year in particular, I see that we don’t truly “get” what someone else’s job is...unless we’ve stepped into their shoes.

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