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teacher retention

Lori Nazareno

January 6, 2017

Beyond compliance: Creating the schools our students need


Teacher-Powered Schools Blogging Roundtable

Over the next several weeks bloggers will be sharing their thoughts and experiences with teacher-powered schools. This first post explores how the teacher-powered model can be used as a lever for equity.  

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Barnett Berry

July 14, 2016

How principals can support teacher leaders: Lessons from Glenn O. Swing Elementary School


Ali Wright used to believe that the best thing for principals to do to support teacher leaders was to get out of their way. Now she thinks differently. In this guest post, Ali takes us behind the scenes at a school where shared leadership is achieving impressive results. 

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Jessica Keigan

May 24, 2016

VLCs: How Connection and Collaboration Creates Healthy Vulnerability in Education


This spring, CTQ bloggers are exploring the theme: How do VLC’s (virtual learning communities) impact our profession? We invite you to join us here in our own VLC, the Collaboratory, with your thoughts and comments, and share ideas using the hashtag #CTQCollab. If you like this post, check out more VLC wisdom here.

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Marcia Powell

May 2, 2016

Instructional Codes #TeachingIs


CodingQuick!  Your student spent last night without supper, and only had milk and a sandwich for lunch because the meal account was overdrawn. Another was brought here after running away from violence last night.  There's a track meet tonight and 7 kids will be leaving ten minutes early.  While you take attendance, you receive an email and send two kids to the counselor's office.

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Marcia Powell

March 31, 2016

Using Deeper Learning To Address Teacher Attrition


Recently, an informal teacher I respect reflected on her reasons for leaving formal education.  Any of us who have stayed abreast of education issues realize that attrition can happen for a number of reasons.  This social media declaration, though, caused me to think how attritution could be addressed through Deeper Learning shifts.


Dear Principal (of my first and last teaching job),

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Julie Hiltz

January 6, 2016

How to attract (and retain) high-quality teachers


Florida State Representative Erik Fresen has a plan to attract high quality teachers to work in Florida schools. He would like to make the $44M "Best and Brightest Scholarship Program" a permanent fixture in the state's budget. The program would pay teachers in years 1-7 of their career a bonus of up to $8500 if their SAT or ACT scores were in the 80th percentile for their test year and they are rated as highly effective by their school district.

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